Moscow, Russia

                                        HELLO MOSCOW

Moscow is situated in Western Russia, close to the countries border with the Ukraine. It is the country’s capital and the largest and richest city in Russia. Moscow holds a special place in the world’s imagination. Moscow has been the epicenter of some of the history’s most beautiful moments.

Places to visit in Moscow-

  • Red Square- heart of Moscow. There is no better place to hear the whispered tales of Moscow past then in Red Square,
  • Admire St. Basil Cathedral, a building so magnificent that according to legend the architects’ eye was removed after building this cathedral so that he cannot build anything so beautiful again.
  • The Kremlin is another Moscow Icon
  • Visit the cathedral of Christ the Saviour
  • Pass through the gates of Alexander Garden, the park pays tribute to the Moscow’s unbreakable spirit.
  • Visit the gold domed Ivan the great bell tower
  • Visit the cathedral of Archangel, an orthodox Russian church
  • Tsaritsyno palace has a art museum within
  • If you are interested in Skiing , go to Sparrow hills
  • Pushkin museum has beautiful European paintings and sculptures.
  • Tverskaya Street is the best place to go shopping.
  • Dormition Cathedral is another orthodox church in Moscow
  • State Historical Museum

Must try food in Moscow-

  • Les Menus Par Pierre Gagnaire serves awesome French cuisine
  • Try Pelmeni at café Pushkin
  • Café Khachapuri is known for its Khachapuri
  • Try Black current pastry at Volkonsky
  • Eat Syrniki with homemade jam

Moscow is one of the world’s great stories, from epic sweeping sagas that change the world to smaller tails of loss, luck and happiness, but there is always room for more. So come and create your own Moscow story.