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Recently, I wrote an article about foreigners owning real estate in Russia for the Expat Flat Facebook page, by a foreigner who owns real estate outside Russia. Russian building property, then let us consider the details of buying real estate in Russia. This article will deal with the acquisition of Russian building plots, but first a little background on the history of the object.

I compared the cost of living in Moscow with that in New York and explained how you survive a housing search in Moscow and how you buy property in Russia as a foreigner. There are several ways to find apartment rentals both in Moscow and throughout Russia, but here I present some of the more effective methods.

If you're picky and can't find anything on Facebook, this is the way to go, because there are thousands of options. Finally, the most popular method to use the Facebook group for real estate in Moscow is Moscow Real Estate Rentals. It can also be very helpful there, as they can tell the world what you are looking for. It doesn't have a very good search function, which makes it feel a bit messy, but it's still a great resource.

This portal is interesting for finding a suitable property quickly, and foreign property owners advertise their properties to Russian-speaking users. We recently reached out to Expat Flat to discuss their efforts to provide better services to the city's expats.

If you are an expat with a limited knowledge of Russian and want to rent an apartment in Moscow without intermediaries, you can try our Facebook group. Experts from the RMAA Group will help you study the market, define the target group and coverage area and work out your strategy for selling real estate to Russians.

Russian law firm, contact them with a detailed offer and then discuss in detail your plans to buy property in Russia. You can recommend a real estate agency for Russia and inform you during the purchase process to ensure that everything is done according to the law. We can also help you with all legal issues such as taxes, insurance, property taxes and other related issues.

If you decide to rent your property in Moscow, our experts will provide you with all the necessary information and introduce you to renting property on the Moscow market. Russian lawyers can offer advice on the conditions imposed on foreign citizens when acquiring residential property. If you want to read more about whether it is possible to own real estate in Russia, read our article about owning real estate as a foreigner. For more information on job search in Russia and other related topics, see the article "Moving to Russia as an expat."

If you have spent more than 183 days a year in Russia and wish to sell your home after the minimum period of ownership, we can help you obtain a tax residence certificate from the Federal Tax Service of Russia through central data processing.

If you are planning to rent an apartment in Moscow without an agent or perhaps even buy real estate, CIAN has heard you. You will also need to submit a list of foreign nationals seeking financing to buy a property. You should always use a representative of a foreign bank, bank or other financial institution, such as a bank account or credit card, to represent your interests in the transaction.

At home, Moscow clients are private individuals who come to us to provide professional real estate services. In 2018, the company is working on a number of integrated projects to develop real estate in Moscow and to implement them in other cities in Russia.

HomesOverseas has another project that is the only "Russian award for foreign real estate" that this year only rewards those who work with Russian-speaking clients. In connection with the categorization of real estate, there are several important aspects to consider when considering whether to buy a property in Russia. Not only foreign citizens are allowed to buy real estate outside Russia, but also foreign companies are allowed to buy it for commercial purposes. Investors should remember that Russia is still actively imposing currency controls, and residential property outside Russia is also subject to such controls.

When you buy property in Moscow, the price of what you can afford is determined by local market prices, not by other factors such as the currency of the country.

The average price per square metre in Moscow is 177,000 rubles ($2,700), while in St. Petersburg it is 115 000 rubles (about $1,800). In Russia the situation is different, but if you are in Moscow, look for a relatively decent apartment in the center of Moscow to rent. I think one of the most interesting options is to live in a small apartment outside the Moscow suburbs, as many of them are available for less than 30 euros per night. If you are in Moscow, you can find an option for 30 euros per night at the same price as in the city center, or even less if it is a one-room apartment with a little more space.

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